It was a tremendous pleasure that Zomato considered inviting me to get the taste of finest Turkish cuisine in Melia Hotel, restaurant called Nisantasi Baskose last 29th January 2017.

I met the owner, Ms. Funda Seydi, she was fabulous, and the restaurant manager, Mr. Hasan who was highly knowledgeable when explaining each of the food being served, and at the same time, few familiar faces were in the house. It was awesome.

Upon first glance of the venue, it was classy. There was an area where while sitting and having good food, anyone could enjoy the fascinating view of West Bay. The restaurant is located at 6th Floor by the way.

Then comes to rating of the food, I am absolutely speechless. It has been the best of all the best Turkish cuisine I have ever tried. From appetizers, everything was spot on. While writing this review, I could still remember how I felt, when I tasted them. Main course was over the top. Kofta and doner kebab, simply the best. One bite, and all the flavours came bursting out. I just had to miss the dessert part due to another commitment. Hopefully when I get the chance to dine in again, definitely worth the try.

Nonetheless, sorry for exaggerating, but it was a superb night. You guys better visit this place. Thank you again Zomato, Ms. Funda and Mr. Hasan for the wonderful experience. Cheers!